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Maggie's Wish

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“ I know she'll have these special memories to hold with her forever. ”

- Maggie's Mom

After multiple bouts with cancerous tumors, Maggie has lost 90% of her sight. Her wish gave her an opportunity to see things she'd only dreamt of--and hold on to those happy memories forever.

Maggie's first round of chemotherapy began when she was 23 months old.

She'd been diagnosed with neurofibromitosis, a genetic disorder that disturbed the cell growth in her nervous system and caused tumors to form on her nerve tissues. Most of the tumors were benign. One was not.

Now 16, Maggie is enduring her third round of chemotherapy. This time, the tumor is affecting her optic nerves, and robbing Maggie of her vision. She has already lost all sight in her right eye, and has severe tunnel vision in her left.

Knowing that her sight was disappearing, Maggie began to think about all of the things in the world that she still wanted to see. Her biggest wish was to see the wild horses she'd read about in books. This past summer, Make-A-Wish sent Maggie and her family to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to bring Maggie's heartfelt wish to life!

"For a whole week, I forgot about chemo and my tumor," says Maggie. "I just had fun with my family. I got to see my little sisters playing on the beach. I cannot get over the kindness of others!"

Maggie's favorite part of the experience was riding a horse along the beach at sunset. It truly was an experience of a lifetime.

"The kindness of others was humbling and brought tears to our eyes," says Maggie's mother, Carolyn. "And if Maggie ever loses her remaining vision, I know she'll have these special memories to hold with her forever."

Wish Granters: Linda Radtke & Tammy Weyenberg

Sponsors: Johnsonville Sausage — Sargento & Johnsonville Make-A-Wish Golf Event; WBAY — Gourmet Wishes

"For a whole week, I forgot about chemo and my tumor. I just had fun with my family!" ”

— Maggie

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