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Wish Contributor

Lend a helping hand

Looking for a way to take part in the transformative power of a wish? We are looking for Wish Contributors to help us create a magical journey for our wish kids.

While the opportunities to meet a child may not be available, the ability to enhance a wish is!

As a wish contributor, we would be looking for your help with wish enhancements. Throughout the Wish process, we give our wish children wish enhancements, which are ways to keep them excited throughout their wish journey. We could use your support with wish enhancements in the following ways.

  1. Countdown calendars: One of the wish enhancements commonly used during the wish process is countdown calendars. Use your creativity to put together a countdown calendar that a child can use as they look forward to their wish! These are calendars, chain links, pull off paper strips- anything to count down the days to their upcoming wish. The countdown calendar is given to the wish child about 30-45 days before they leave. We can use these all year round for boys and girls, ages 2.5-18.

    The styles we could use that fit our most common wishes are:
    • Mickey boy
    • Superhero
    • Mickey girl
    • Princesses
    • Marine animals
    • Zoo animals
    • Beach/Hawaii
  2. Travel bags: Another way to enhance a wish would be to create travel bags for kids that will be going on their wish. Since 75% of wishes include travel, these can be used for many kids. Potential ideas include: gum, word search and/or coloring book, reusable water bottle, hand sanitizer, activities to do on a plane (like travel board games), headphones or ear buds.
  3. Buy an item off our Amazon wish list: Wish list items are used throughout the wish process. They are given to wish children at the beginning of the wish process to help the child know we are a safe person and hopefully have them open up about their ideas for a wish. Once the wish is determined, we use gifts (items) applicable to their likes or wish choice, to keep reminding the child we are excited about granting his/her wish.

If being part of this wish contributor role would be of interest to you, please complete our short Wish Contributor form and submit.

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