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Opa! Kinzie's wish to go to Greece

Kinzie's wish to go to Greece

“ It was much needed time spent together
as a family ”

Living with a serious gastrointestinal disorder can be a big challenge for a 17-year-old like Kinzie who wants to explore the world and live life to its fullest. She received her diagnosis at ten years old, and life was never the same.

Kinzie’s battle with her gastrointestinal disorder caused a lot of significant disruptions in her life. She had multiple unplanned month-long hospital stays, surgeries, feeding tubes, pic lines, a lot of medications and other treatments. Her condition began to consume her life as well as her family’s life.

Thoughts of exploring other parts of the world, trying new cuisine and imagining herself in beautiful places gave Kinzie something positive on which to reflect. When she found out that she would be receiving a wish, she knew exactly what she would wish for. She had always wanted to go to Greece with her family, and that’s just what she did.

The first stop on her adventure was Santorini, one of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea, enjoying the beautiful architecture and exotic views. They also explored the island from the water on a sunset catamaran tour, took a Greek cooking class and had a photo shoot. They said “we loved the cooking class, and the photo shoot we had of our family is priceless!!! We have very few family photos!”

Next, Kinzie and her family made their way via ferry to Mykonos, one of the most well-known Greek Isles. They explored some of the local sites, and of course dined on more Greek delicacies. They also spent a day snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. “It was much needed time spent together as a family not in the hospital or running to appointments and focusing on fun,” commented her parents.

Since returning home, Kinzie and her family have been enjoying some newfound cooking and the memories they made. “Kinzie was so excited about trying the recipes at home, and we already have. We also got all the photos to download and it is a wonderful keepsake and memory of our trip!!!”

Kinzie has created a Vlog of her wish experience that we hope you will look at and be reminded that everyone has a part to play in the life of a wish kid like Kinzie - As well, you can see more photos from Kinzie’s wish on our Flickr page –

Wish Granters: Sally Holter & Kendra Ryder
Sponsors: Yacht Blast for Kids; Marcus Hotels & Resorts - Wish Night 2019; Dave Becker - 2019 Wish Night

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