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Aaron's Wish

Aaron's Wish

“ I will tell you the greatest gifts were Hope and Cope. ”

- Aaron's Dad

Aaron is a really smart 10 year old in a battle against leukemia. He gave a lot of thought to his wish. He ultimately decided on the room make over because it would last longer than other wishes.

The wish team did an amazing job creating a Packer Man Cave.Packer colors, carpet like an NFL field, lockers, and mementos from the Packers. Verlo Mattress provided financial support and a "Cheesehead" mattress. The crowning jewel, from Aaron's perspective, is the HDTV and the gaming systems. Yes, the physical objects are great. However, as Aaron's dad, I will tell you that the greatest gifts of all were Hope and Cope. 

Hope: while his time in the hospital began to rack up, going home to a new room
gave him something to hope for. 

Cope: I was surprised by how much his wish would help him cope. 

Rather than dwell on his treatment, Aaron spent hours researching gaming systems, and TVs and other things for his room. When things got to be the worst he would repeat 55", 55", 55", that was the size of his new TV. At the end, one of Aaron's favorite conversations was discussing how his stuff was better than Dad's. A better TV, better bed, better carpet. You get the idea. It brought a smile to the face of a 10 year old who had so little to smile about.  Aaron's journey came to an end but that journey was made much better in its final days thanks to Make-A-Wish.

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