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Joseph's Bike Wish

Joseph's wish for a custom bike.

“ ...ride a bike for the very first time. ”

What is a rite of passage for many children seemed unattainable for Joseph. As a child living with limited mobility, ventilation support 24 hours a day, and other health issues riding a bicycle was never a forethought. But at the age of six, Joseph was finally able to ride a bike for the first time with his family by his side.

At the age of three, Joseph was hospitalized for an extended period of time. Diagnosed with a nervous system disorder, he was later released home with a ventilator. Since then, his respiratory status has degenerated. As well, he has battled additional medical issues.

Joseph is a very compassionate, laid back, easy going kid. He loves to listen to his Dad play the piano and hear his Grandmother sing nursery rhymes to him. But most of all his favorite thing is to be pushed outside in a stroller. Being out in the sun brings him immense joy. That’s how he and his family determined his one true wish to have a customized bicycle.

Working closely with Madison based Design Concepts, Joseph’s customized bike to fit his physical needs was born.

Surrounded by his family, friends, nurses and more at his family home, Joseph saw his bike for the first time and lit up with joy. Once strapped in, his mother pushed him and Joseph experienced for the first time the freedom of mobility outdoors.

His wish is more than just a bike for Joseph, it acts as a sense of normalcy for his family. They can now spend time together outside, remain active and create new happy memories.

Joseph is now off to face outdoor adventures with a newfound sense of strength and determination in his health battle, knowing now that anything is possible.

You can see more photos from Joseph’s wish on Make-A-Wish Wisconsin’s Flickr page,

Wish Granters: Anita Abbott & Stephanie Diedrich
Sponsors: Bergstrom Automotive; Design Concepts; Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker Run; Larry’s Piggly Wiggly

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